Sports Massage

Sports Massage is more than just deeper bodywork. Sports Massage therapists should have more in-depth knowledge of muscular/skeletal injuries, and how to target these with specific soft tissue manipulations. Ben has treated a wide range of injuries from a wide range of sports people. He particularly specialises in Runners, but has seen footballers, rugby players, rowers, triathletes, tennis players and many more. 


A typical session involves a full consultation to find out the back ground of the problem. This might include various tests for strength, pain, flexibility... A treatment plan is formulated which might include various soft tissue manipulation techniques such as soft tissue release, Muscle energy techniques, friction work, Stretch work. At the end of the session, you might be advised on home based exercises such as stretching work to reinforce the session. 


What does it feel like?

Sports massage can be rejuvenating, but it can also feel uncomfortable at times. Tight muscles and dysfunctional tissue is often tender when manipulated. However, any discomfort should feel a "good pain", as if the tissue needs it. The aim of the treatment is not to be brutal or to purposefully inflict pain and the practitioner will always ask for feedback.

The day after, you may feel sore and, very rarely, slightly worse than before. This will only last temporarily and is part and parcel of the healing process. 


How long a session would I need and how many?

It is recommended that for your first session you have an hour appointment to allow for a full consultation as well as treatment. Following on from this, specific areas can be dealt with in 30 minute sessions. However, if you want several areas looked at, the 60 minute session would be more suitable.

The number of sessions needed would depend on your initial response to the treatment. You should expect imrovements within 3 treatments, however, long term injuries might be more stubborn. If results aren't forthcoming, your practitioner will discuss further options with you.



Remedial Massage


Remedial massage is similar to sports massage in that it targets specific problems/injuries. You don't have to a sports person to injure yourself. A muscle can be torn climbing the stairs, or overused playing the violin just as easily as throwing a javelin or kicking a football. Everyone subjects their muscles to repetitive use. Overuse can lead to fatigue, breakdown, restriction and, ultimately, pain. 


Ben has treated people from all different backgrounds. From CBSO musicians to long distance lorry drivers and desk based workers, most people develop some form of postural or work related injuries which can benefit from Remedial massage & bodywork



​Cost of Treatment:

Sports/Remedial Massage

30 min sessions - £27

60 min sessions - £45


Shockwave Therapy

Initial Consultation - £50

Follow up Sessions - £45


  • Movement restriction
  • Muscular aches & pains
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Postural related problems
  • Running injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Recovery from injury
  • Flexibility
  • Myofascial release

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